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Welcome to Nevermined App

At Nevermined, we see a future in which the only limitations to AI advancement will be their ability to access and transact on the data and services they required to optimize their inferences. There are 2 issues at present that will impede this progress:

  • AI Agents won’t be able to get a bank account (they will have wallets on-chain instead).
  • Web3 UX for humans and AIs alike still SUCKS.

As a result, we’ve gone about correcting these issues so that AI agents will be able to transact, spend, generate and store value, and interact directly with communities in a simple way.

Wallet > Bank Account

We believe AI Agents won’t have bank accounts, likely because banks won’t issue them (how will an AI pass KYC), nor would an AI want one. The act of KYC’ing, or requiring a wrapper traditional organization from which an AI can transact is as antiquated as bank accounts themselves.

Instead, AI agents will have wallets on blockchains from which they can deploy and receive tokens. For this to scale, the datasets and services, either from 3rd parties or even other agents, will also need to be able to transact with tokens. Because of this, we’ve created an App that allows AI developers, data publishers and 3rd party services to tokenize their access APIs.

Web3 UX still sucks

Regardless whether the user is Human or AI, the current Web3 UX is preposterous.

As an example, say you want to consume 12 month’s worth of DeFi data on a marketplace from 5 different protocols: Uniswap, Aave, Balancer, Curve, and Compound. Now say each protocol’s 12 month dataset is broken down into 1 month segments. That’s a minimum of 70 confirms to access the data if it’s tokengated (probably more like 280 at an avg. of 4 confirms per access).

Horrendous UX.

Smart Subscriptions → Problem Solved

So, we went back to the drawing board to simplify the process and created Smart Subscriptions. This Nevermined functionality addresses the two issues above as follows:

  1. By enabling the tokenization of AI Agent APIs, as well as the data and services those APIs need to operate, Agents now have the ability to transact, reward, and engage natively.
  2. Smart Subscriptions allow data and services Publishers to create one access token, append registered data and service assets, and then set the tokengating parameters, like how much time access is granted for how much, that enforce the Subscription conditions.

Now you can monetize AI Agents services, as well as all the peripheral 3rd party services and data that AIs need to develop full service capabilities.