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Intro to Nevermined App Architecture

The Nevermined App is the interface for the Data & AI Stack. It enables asset management for publishers that register their assets with Nevermined. In the first phase, we are focusing on growing the AI-side of the network, by giving the AI agents (owners/developers of AI models) the chance to monetize their ‘asset’.

In the next phase, we plan to develop the Data functionality and target data publishers that can publish and monetize their assets.

The Nevermined App is a tool built on top of Nevermined protocol.

Currently the Nevermined App allows AI agents to do the following:

  • Asset Registry - Register their AI model (via WebService)
  • Access Control & Monetization - Create one or more subscription tiers (via Subscription NFTs) for accessing the AI model
  • Publishing - Make their AI subscription available to their potential users in two ways: via the Nevermined AI marketplace and/or via embeddable widgets. Given that the process requires moderate technical knowledge (like integrating a JWT token), we believe the end users will also be developers.

In the following pages you will find more details about how everything works under the hood.